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Comparing Transloading, Drayage, and Intermodal Service


The three most popular in-demand shipping services are transloading, drayage, and intermodal. You might need clarification about what sets these three services apart. You will learn about their differences in this article by reading below.

Firstly, transloading services in Los Angeles, California, is a flexible shipment mode that ensures the supply chain flow despite disruptions. It requires unloading shipping containers from trucks to different containers as it is transferred to another truck, rail car, or land vehicle. Inland, sea and air transportation deliver the goods as fast as possible, making transloading services ideal for long-distance shipments.

Moving on to the second shipping service is intermodal. It’s easy to confuse transloading services with intermodal ones. Intermodal services also use two or more transportation modes via land, sea, or air. However, the difference lies in the container. For the entire shipment process, the goods remain in the same container even though they are transported from one vehicle to another. For both services, including other freight transportation and logistics providers, having third-party fulfillment services in California is necessary.

Meanwhile, drayage services are mostly limited to filling the gaps between the shipment process, like from intermodal to transloading. It serves as the connecting piece to ensure an efficient and smooth flow of transporting cargo. Drayage is most commonly found in ports for ocean-bound vessels, in rail lines, and even directly from warehouses, distribution centers, and storage facilities. 

Tellon, Inc. offers two of the mentioned services: transloading and drayage. We ensure your goods arrive safely and promptly. To book an appointment with us, you can either call our phone number or send us an email.

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