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Gaining a Better Grasp of Drayage Services


Essentially, drayage is a specialized service within the vast transportation and logistics industry. Whether you’re a consumer or a professional in the sector, knowing as much as you can about this service can open up great prospects for you.

That’s where we come in! Here at Tellon, Inc., we put our best efforts into providing you with high-quality shipping solutions. To do that, we also see to it that we arm you with key facts about the various services we offer.

In light of that, allow us to answer commonly asked questions about drayage services so you can gain a better grasp of them:

  • What Exactly Is Drayage?

    Drayage refers to short-distance transportation. It is frequently part of a larger overall move, such as transporting freight from a container ship to a warehouse. Instead of transporting a big container from the ship to the warehouse, drayage transports freight from port to truck or port to rail.

  • Why Is Drayage Necessary?

    Effective supply chains strive to keep commodities flowing continuously to address the ever-changing needs of rising global commerce. These services help reduce port overcrowding and inefficiencies. When the initial mile of product delivery is successful, the rest of the journey has a better probability of succeeding.

  • What Are Its Different Classifications?

    There are several types of drayage, depending on your shipping requirements. These include expedited drayage, inter-, and intra-carrier drayage, and pier drayage, to name a few.

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