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The Convenience of Warehousing Services


It feels nice to grow your business from scratch. From a few orders to truckloads, success is sweet, and nothing can stop you from dreaming to grow bigger in the business trade industry. But what comes with growth is the need for more capacity to store and deliver.

Having a full inventory of fast-moving items is necessary. It is a sign of your commitment to providing your customers with a fast and hassle-free ordering experience.

And that is when warehousing capabilities become essential. You may stock your items in warehouses to ensure the availability of products whenever you need them. And safekeeping them in a clean and wide area is very helpful, especially when importing products from out of town or other countries.

Tellon, Inc. can provide safe and secure warehousing that is easy on your budget. We offer reliable third-party fulfillment services in California that are beyond compared to others.

You may also use our drayage services to control, monitor, and synchronize your international and domestic supply chains.

And when you need to transport your supplies quickly from port to destination, our transloading services in Los Angeles, California, are always available.

For questions and other concerns, please do not hesitate to call us using the phone number provided on our website. We would be happy to serve you!

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