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Top Benefits of Drayage Services


Transporting your goods to the market through a critical link between ocean container shipping and distribution networks is called drayage services. Working with third-party fulfillment services in California to incorporate drayage services into your logistics process can give your business an edge over your competitors. Check out more benefits below:

  • It is budget-friendly.
    As far as time and money go, drayage services are more cost-efficient compared to container rentals. Other sources have limited drayage capacity, but if you choose to work with a third-party delivery service, you have the freedom to choose for your needs at a reasonable rate. Overall, it will help you save a lot!
  • It enhances efficiency.
    Opting for drayage services as a transport service helps you push through your business operations smoothly without choking traffic. Without using containers sitting at docks for long periods, you can focus on your business and minimize concerns about the lack of space. Remember that drayage is a critical step when moving your freight.
  • It offers security.
    Overall, it enhances safety, improves transportation speed, and reduces risks of damage and loss. With the help of transport professionals using the right transloading vehicles, you have peace of mind knowing that your goods are safe and secure. Drivers and other personnel involved are highly trained to handle your cargo safely!

Tellon, Inc. delivers transloading services in Los Angeles, California.We provide fast, timely, and seamless services to give you more advantage in the market. We tailor our transload services to suit your distribution needs! Do you want to make your supply chain management easier and faster? Contact us at 562-543-4777 today for more information.

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